2023 Farewell: Corona Sunsets Festival Bringing Together Sunset, Music, and Nature

Santo Domingo, RD- The passage of the Corona Sunsets Festival World Tour 2023 of Cerveza Corona through the beaches of Punta Cana left a positive and lasting mark. Being one of the best festivals of the year, it stood out not only for the vibrant energy of music and exciting activities, but also established a significant legacy in terms of sustainability. Its commitment to preserving the environment will inspire future events to follow suit, promoting respect for nature, responsible resource management and proper waste management in this important tourist area.

“We are proud to have promoted environmentally friendly practices and to have promoted the preservation of the natural environment and local culture within the Corona vibe and experiences, which, in cultural, artistic and sustainability terms for the Punta area Cana will be remembered for years to come,” says Lisamel Trinidad, Brand Manager.

This immersive experience gave the audience the opportunity to witness an unforgettable sunset and enjoy the authenticity of the music of the bands Jungle and WhoMadeWho, as well as the performances of soloists Alex Ferreira, Riccie Oriach and Letón Pé. In addition, it became the ideal setting to express yourself through fashion, dance and relaxation.

The unique energy of the Dominican group Pororó fused in a magical way with the distinctive proposal of the international bands, generating a special connection and affinity among an audience of 3,200 people.

The clothing of the visitors stood out as one of the main attractions of the festival. Many were inspired by the aesthetic evoked by the work of guest artists who honor Caribbean memories through the use of bold prints, vibrant colors, expressive makeup and braided hairstyles made on site with non-toxic products, while others opted for styles bohemians

Corona Sunsets, in addition to good music, was full of disconnection and recreation activities such as yoga sessions, painting workshops with organic materials, balance surfing and sports activities.

“Today we were lucky to have experienced a one-of-a-kind event and to have enjoyed a sunset with the best music, atmosphere and the best landscape. “Corona has given us one of the best moments of the end of the year in the company of our friends,” said Sophia Sanabria, fashion content creator, who was present at the event.

For the celebration of the Corona Sunsets Festival World Tour 2023 held in Punta Cana, no type of disposable resources were used, marking a milestone by becoming a 100% plastic-free festival, in addition, all organic and non-organic waste was collected to be destined to compost and recycling, respectively. While the entire gastronomic offer was based on locally produced ingredients.

Preserving the environment is a priority for the Corona brand. Since 2020, the company has been dedicating persistent efforts in collaboration with Oceanic Global to remove 1 million pounds of plastic from marine ecosystems by 2025.

Corona, the master brand behind the festival, once again demonstrated its ability to create magical moments by combining music with natural beauty. The audience not only enjoyed exceptional performances, but also immersed themselves in celebrating dazzling sunsets on the beach, marking Corona’s distinctive focus on connecting with nature and music.

With the curtain falling on the last sunset of the festival, expectations now focus on what Corona has in store for us for next year. New surprises, exciting experiences and the continuation of Corona’s tradition of creating events that go beyond expectations are anticipated. The audience, full of enthusiasm, eagerly awaits the next chapter of the unparalleled Corona Sunsets celebration.

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