34 Years of Sewing and Stitching for a Living

Veron. Luis Gonzalez Castro Mena has been sewing, mending and making clothing in Verón-Punta Cana for 34 years. Although he does not have his own business, he fights every day to get ahead with his colleagues.

González started sewing in 1989 and has supported her entire family with the machine. “For me, sewing is more than a job to earn a living, it is a passion and a good daily livelihood,” said González.

The last months of the year, November and December, are the busiest months for González. “I can’t count how many clothes I have fixed in these months. But there are many,” he added.

González urges youth to get ahead to earn money honestly. “I am 70 years old and I work like a donkey,” Gonzalez stressed.

34 Years of Sewing and Stitching for a Living

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