50 real estate advisors convene in PC to assess different vacation property developments

The group of developers Grupo Cana Rock, held the first edition of the Experience Brokers Tour 2024 event, where more than 50 advisors from different real estate agencies met in Punta Cana to appreciate the status of various projects of the group, the progress of works, news and updates executed.

Its executives explained that this action comes as a result of their clients being able to be aware in real time of the progress of each project to which they belong, the materials that are being used in each of them, the apartments in phase completion and comparison of model apartments.

“This event opens the door to a window of permanent communication between Cana Rock as a construction company and the real estate agencies as sellers, where we communicate in a complete and detailed manner the total status of each project so that this information is replicated to the final consumer and guaranteed. not only the quality of what we do but the confidence that they are acquiring the best, and in the established time” highlighted Osvaldo Bello, business partner of the group and director of Bello Valdez Enterprice.

The first edition of Experience Brokers Tour 2024 was attended by prestigious real estate companies such as Blueland, Echenique y Asociados, REMAX Metropolitana, Tu Casa RD, OIRS, Dominican Properties, Invierte Conmigo RD, JhonGom Group, Alveare, Vinlax, Platinium Brokers RD, OIRD, Cielo Real Estate, Yessy Master Home, Best House, Casa Forte, KW, EXP Realty, Dominican Home, Loft Home, Reprimar, Mi Hood among others.

The activity was directed by Osvaldo Bello in the company of Evagrio Sánchez Campos and Marina Sánchez, owners of the Cana Bay complex and Partner of the Cana Rock project. Eduardo Hermana, vice president of Cana Rock and Juan Carlos Peralta, commercial director of the group, were also present. .

Cana Rock is a leading company in the construction of real estate projects in the eastern area, it has developed great buildings such as Cana Rock Condos, and Cana Rock Star in its various phases, it is also building Galaxy Condos, Universe, Cana Rock Space, Terra and Cosmo Stellar.

The Cana Rock family has expanded the eastern zone as a country brand, laying the foundations for the future of greater foreign investment in the real estate bet in the eastern zone, adding more than 5 thousand permanent and temporary residence rooms in Bávaro – Punta Cana.

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