500 young individuals chosen for construction of new tourist dock in Pedernales

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The general director of the National Institute of Vocational Technical Training (INFOTEP), Rafael Santos Badía reported that so far more than 7,500 young people have been trained in different productive areas, from the 4 provinces of the Enriquillo Region.

When interviewed, he said that the young people of the Independencia Province, Bahoruco, Barahona and Pedernales, are specializing in different productive areas, especially those related to tourism.

Of those 7,500 young people graduated from the INFOTEP 500 who have been preselected by the company that will be building the Pedernales tourist dock, he said.

He expressed that these young people will be working in different productive areas in which electricity, plumbing and carpentry, among others, stand out.

He also announced that in the coming days Infotep and the Ministry of Tourism will be signing an agreement in which they seek to train tourist guides due to the increase in the arrival of visitors in different parts of the country.

In another order, Rafael Santos Badía, recognized that it is a high honor that the Meeting of the Technical Commission (RCT) of ILO/Cinterfor is being held in the Dominican Republic, by leading, together with Anne Caroline Posthuma, director of ILO/Cinterfor, a press conference with national media.

“We are also satisfied with the fact that they have selected the Dominican Republic to commemorate the 60 years of the ILO/Cinterfor foundation and, above all, that the director of the ILO is present at that celebration,” said Santos Badía.

The general director of INFOTEP highlighted that the institution is hosting the meeting, which will be focused on addressing vocational training as the axis of the economic and social development of the participating countries.

For her part, Mrs. Posthuma highlighted that it is the first time the director of the ILO, Gilbert F. Houngbo, participates in this meeting, which is celebrating its 46th version. Posthuma highlighted that one of the most important aspects of the Meeting of the Technical Commission (RCT) of ILO/Cinterfor is that it outlines the strategies that allow promoting various types of innovation in the region, in terms of technical-vocational training.

“The role of ILO/Cinterfor is to train the institutions that train the inhabitants of all member countries, which currently, together, are training more than 20 million people each year,” said Posthuma.

Within the framework of the press conference, Santos Badía also addressed other topics of interest to the press personnel present at the scene.

He highlighted that during the 43 years that INFOTEP has had, around 11 million certificates have been issued that enable the technical skills of 3 million 800 thousand people.

He also indicated that INFOTEP is focused on preparing the technical trades that economies are demanding.

This meeting with the press was held within the framework of the work prior to the 46th Meeting of the Technical Commission (RCT) of ILO/Cinterfor, which takes place until October 6, in Punta Cana, with INFOTEP as host.

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