According to DIGEIG, the Dominican Republic makes significant strides in World Bank governance indicators

Santo Domingo.- On World Ethics Day, the General Directorate of Ethics and Government Integrity (DIGEIG) highlighted the important advances of the Dominican Republic in the six governance indicators of the World Bank (WB) in the last three years, based on data provided by the Ministry of Finance (MH).

Indicators that have shown improvements in the Dominican Republic include control of corruption, rule of law, voice and accountability, government effectiveness, regulatory quality, political stability, and the absence of violence.

In particular, there has been substantial progress in the government effectiveness indicator: the country moved from the 38.1 percentile to the 50.0 percentile in the last three years. This advance places the Dominican Republic among the countries with the best performance in this regard.

In the rule of law indicator, the country has improved 7.14 percentage points since 2019, reaching the 50.5th percentile. Likewise, the indicator of political stability and absence of violence has advanced 8.02 percentage points.

Regarding regulatory quality, there has been an improvement of 1.39 percentage points in the management of the current government. Furthermore, the voice and responsibility indicator in the Dominican Republic has experienced a positive change of 4.83 percentage points, reversing a downward trend observed since 2012.

These World Bank indicators play a crucial role in improving the country’s credit profile and moving towards the goal of achieving investment grade. This, in turn, has a direct impact on public finances and the national economy.

World Ethics Day, celebrated on the third Wednesday of October, serves as a reminder of the importance of ethics in forging a better future, emphasizing its importance for both individuals and organizations.

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