Advancements in Saona Island’s Efforts to Eliminate Foam and Single-Use Plastic

Mano Juan, RD.- A technical team from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MMARN) sold out for the weekend two days of work with community members from Mano Juan, merchants from Bayahibe, tour operators and the tourist guides involved in the project to eliminate the use of foam (polystyrene) and single-use plastic on Saona Island.

The team, led by the vice minister of Protected Areas, Federico Francomet on Friday with merchants and tour operators in Bayahibe and on Saturday with the community of Mano Juan. “We are evaluating and monitoring the work that is being carried out as a result of Resolution no. 0024-2023, signed by Minister Miguel Ceara Hatton and announced right here, in Mano Juan, which establishes the prohibition of foam (polystyrene), and single-use plastic in the Cotubanamá National Park and the Catalina Island Natural Monument” Franco said.

During the conferences, several work tables with the community to analyze and evaluate What has the ban on foam and single-use plastic been like for them?as well as to introduce them to alternatives in their daily development on the island.

“On this path towards sustainability, we are not alone. Our collective commitment will make a difference, not only for Saona Island, but for the entire ecosystem that surrounds us. “This is a journey we must take together and your voice is vital in this transition,” Franco explained to the community members.

“What we do today will impact future generations. That’s why we ask you to see this as an opportunity. “There are sustainable alternatives that we can adopt because in this way we not only protect our environment, but we also raise the quality of the experience for our visitors,” he added.

Among the participants in the conference was Ginny Heinsendirector of 3R Sustainability, and Rafael Carpiopedantic mayor of Mano Juan; Eddy Quiñonesof the Saona Island Pro-Development Foundation, and Dolores Motapresident of the Mano Juan Neighborhood Council. In addition, representatives of companies such as CEB-CEPM, Caribbean Saona, Bayahibe Acuatic Tours, Marea MG, Comercial Costa Romántica, East Bay Traders and Sky Tours, as well as associations of sellers and artisans.

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