Arajet’s 2023 Contribution to the DR Economy Exceeds 2 Billion with 9 Aircraft in Operation at Year End

Santo Domingo. – ArajetThe low-price Dominican airline reported that it will close the year with nine aircraft and that it will have a global direct impact on the economy of the Dominican Republic of more than 2 billion pesos in 2023 through taxes and fees paid to the Dominican State.

Víctor Pacheco Méndez, CEO and founder of Arajet, made the announcement at the reception of the airline’s 7th aircraft, called “Lago Enriquillo”, at the Las Américas International Airport, together with the general director of Internal Taxes Luis Valdez and the CEO of Aerodom, Monika Infante.

“2023 has been a great year for Arajet and for the country, since through taxes and fees we have directly contributed some two billion ninety million pesos to the Dominican States and we have already reached 400 direct collaborators,” indicated Pacheco Méndez.

He added that, “it is a milestone to have transported more than half a million passengers in our first calendar year of operations which we will end with 9 new Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft to continue the momentum of connectivity of our country and the entire continent through of the Santo Domingo Hub”.

For his part, Luis Valdez praised the great impact that Arajet has had on the economy and the support that different State institutions have given to ensure that the Dominican Republic has a solid national airline industry. “From President Luís Abinader to each of the officials of this government, we are making the changes that the country needs so that all Dominican airlines can have a better competitive framework and thus the industry can grow and have greater contributions to the economy,” he stated. Valdez.

Pacheco Méndez explained in his speech about Arajet’s contributions to the national economy, detailing that through taxes on passengers the contribution has been 855 million, while through airport taxes it exceeds 595 million, through ITBIS it amounts to 275 million and taxes related to employee salaries and other taxes amount to more than 370 million pesos.

“And this is only accounting for the direct contributions of Arajet, since, if we calculate the indirect contributions through the consumption made by the transported tourists and other indirect expenses of indirect jobs and induced consumption, we are talking about an impact greater than 21 billion only in 2023” stated Pacheco Mendéz.

He concluded by projecting that in 2024 they hope to have a 3 times greater impact on the economy, transporting more than 1.5 million passengers, but for that it is necessary to sign the open skies treaty with the United States so that the airline can fly to that country. where the majority of the Dominican diaspora resides.

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