Arajet’s One-Year Anniversary: 350,000 Passengers Transported and 22 Destination Connections

Santo Domingo, RD.- Arajet, the low-price airline of the Caribbean, celebrated its first anniversary of operations, reporting that it transported more than 350 thousand passengers in that period, managing to connect North, Central and South America with the fleet of aircraft Boeing 737 Max 8 more efficient and with the warmth of Dominican customer service.

Victor Pacheco Méndez, CEO & Founder of Arajet, thanked all those passengers for their trust and the more than half a million who have already purchased their airline tickets at Arajet.

Pacheco stated that Arajet came to democratize the skies so that people can fly at the lowest possible price and highlighted that in just one year this Dominican flag airline already offers 22 destinations in 15 countries, turning Santo Domingo into the New Hub of the Caribbean that connects to the continent.

“This year we have already employed more than 350 employees directly and more than 1,000 indirectly, having a significant impact on the professionalization of talents in the area of ​​aviation in the country,” said Pacheco Méndez, who explained that the airline has more than 70 pilots, and they are immersed in a training program for Dominican pilots and cabin crew so that there is more and more specialized Creole talent.

He pointed out that the support of the main investors Bain Capital and Griffin Capital Management as well as the partnership with Boeing Company has been fundamental to carry out this project and build the history of the rebirth of national aviation.

Likewise, he valued the legal guarantee offered by the government authorities headed by the president of the Dominican Republic Luis Abinader and the Minister of Tourism David Collado, and thanks to this they plan to achieve the milestone of being the Dominican airline that will transport between the 5th and 10% of the tourists who will come to the country in 2024.

The Civil Aviation Board, the Institute, the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (IDAC), the Specialized Corps for Airport and Civil Aviation Security (CESAC), the Airport Department and the different ministries and offices also recognized the work of the country’s aeronautical authorities. of the States that have contributed their grain of sand to make this investment successful for the common good so that Dominicans can fly at the lowest price on the market.

Álvaro de Oleo, Senior Marketing and Electronic Commerce Consultant at Arajet, expressed that the airline has positively impacted one of the most important industries in the tourism sector, achieving 2% of the tourists who have entered the country and projecting an exponential increase by 2024.

“Until 2022, the number of Dominicans who flew each year was close to 400,000, however, the current projection of the immigration department is that 1 million Dominicans will fly for the first time by the end of 2023. Arajet emerged with the “The purpose is that everyone could fly and as an airline with Dominican roots it makes us very happy to know that hundreds of thousands of Dominicans have had the opportunity to fly for the first time, thank you,” said de Oleo.

About Arajet

Arajet is the first low-price airline in the Caribbean region and began operations in September 2022 from its base at Las Américas Airport in Santo Domingo, under its Dominican Republic air operator certificate (AOC). Arajet operates a new fleet of Boeing 737MAX-8 aircraft that provide safe and affordable travel to and from the Dominican Republic to 22 destinations in North, Central and South America and the Caribbean region.

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  1. Happy One-Year Anniversary to Arajet! It’s truly remarkable to see how this airline has soared to new heights in just one year, transporting 350,000 passengers and connecting Punta Cana with 22 destinations. As someone who frequently explores the Caribbean and beyond, I can attest to the convenience and reliability of Arajet’s services. This accomplishment not only benefits tourists like me but also contributes significantly to the growth and development of Punta Cana’s travel industry. Here’s to many more years of successful connections and seamless journeys with Arajet!


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