Attention Needed: Tourist Boulevard has 32 Critical Areas requiring immediate action

Veron. The deterioration of the Tourist Boulevard is increasingly noticeable. Even the vehicles that travel daily from the Los Manantiales traffic light to the town of Macao witness the inconsistency of the road.

Starting from the Punta Cana highway, crossing the Los Manantiales traffic light, and turning left towards the community of Friusa, there are around 35 critical points along the entire journey until reaching the Macao Crossing.

These unevenness of the street can be due to various situations, including cement from the spinning trucks, wear and tear on the street, asphalt on top of the asphalt, unevenness from one lane to another. Likewise, you can see cracks in the asphalt.

During this route, a slope is located in front of a store called Cielos Acústicos. This slope is almost in front of the intersection that leads to this store, and on the other side follows the path on the Eastern Tourist Boulevard.

Likewise, two minutes from this store there is a Church called Universo de Dios, which has several slopes in front. Another critical point is the traffic light in the community of Friusa, where there is cement scattered on the street, which was caused by the spinning trucks that travel Verón-Punta Cana daily.

Also, starting from the sign that communicates the remaining kilometers to reach the community of Miches, the road has important sections in poor condition due to lack of maintenance. In the direction of the sign announcing the arrival in Macau there are small potholes, which cause drivers to reduce their speed level.

When turning around the pump in front of the Macau sign, there is a small slope between both lanes of this intersection. These critical points and unevenness cause vehicles to have inconsistency when traveling from one end to the other.

In the direction of Nisibón-Verón-Punta Cana, in front of the sign that informs about the entrance to Uvero Alto, the street remains uneven, which leads the driver to be more careful with the steering wheel. On the way back to Punta Cana, the road is also unstable in many places.

Below the sign indicating nearby locations, there are small cracks in the pavement. Likewise, at the famous CEPM (Punta Cana Macao Energy Consortium) Crossing, the road is not entirely flat. There are added the proximities of Costa Cana, near a sign that refers to a place where vehicles or motors are sold, the street continues to be irregular, until reaching the Manantiales traffic light again.


Not only unevenness is a headache for drivers. Added to this constant problem of vehicle deterioration are the 23 holes that can be mentioned in specific locations, such as in front of the Corripio Store, located on the Eastern Tourist Boulevard. There, there is a hole that, despite not being so pronounced, is a bit extensive.

While the other holes are located towards the Punta Cana Roundabout, located on the same road. After passing the traffic sign that says Bávaro and Miches, there are more holes located in the direction of a real estate sign that is placed on the right hand side. Likewise, crossing the Depósito Ferretero sign, there are more potholes.


According to statements offered by the Provincial Director of the MOPC, Bilillant Tavares, the unevenness of this road will be solved in the coming days, since joint work is being carried out, starting from San Pedro de Macorís and La Romana. “Two weeks ago we started work at critical points,” Tavares said. Likewise, he stressed that the critical points are in specific locations, which requires a special machine to remove the asphalt and thus correct the cracks and unevenness.

The interim director also said that the problems on the Eastern Tourist Boulevard would be solved soon. Bilillant stated that when asphalt repair work is carried out, it is done in all critical points gradually in different places.

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