AVIAM stands in solidarity with individuals impacted by the unfortunate accident, eagerly awaiting the expertise findings

Punta Cana, RD.- In a statement sent to our editorial office, the airport services company AVIAM expressed, in a heartfelt manner, their condolences to the family, friends, and co-workers of the individuals who tragically lost their lives in the car accident involving one of their personnel transport units.

This tragic incident deeply affects and mourns our entire community, causing irreparable pain to all of us who are a part of it.

In addition, we express our solidarity with those who are currently hospitalized, including one of our own colleagues. We fervently pray that everyone will soon experience a full recovery and return to their daily work.

At Aviam, we hold a strong commitment to the safety of our employees and the surrounding environment in which we operate. To further strengthen the strict protocols we already have in place, we eagerly await the investigation results and the determination of the accident’s causes.

The recommendations derived from these findings will assist us in making continuous contributions towards enhancing safety on the roads and transportation of hotel staff within our tourist area.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims, their families, and friends.

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