Banreservas appreciates its customers with a festive Christmas cocktail

He Reserve Bank thanked its business and corporate clients for their trust and loyalty, as well as their contribution to the financial institution reaching important milestones in 2023.

At the traditional year-end cocktail party, the deputy business administrator of Banreservas, Ysidro García, representing the general administrator, Samuel Pereyra, recognized the contribution of the clients who choose that financial entity to manage their companies.

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“At the Reserve Bank we are extremely interested in serving you better and better, supporting you in your companies and productive activities, being the faithful friends that we have been for more than 82 years, throughout the national geography; For those purposes, we have improved our technological platform, expanding our administrative and business structures,” García said.

Among the successes of the year, he mentioned the bank’s recent representative offices in Miami, Madrid and New York, and the historic figure of 500 billion pesos in its credit portfolio.

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In addition, the first Dual Offices, in Santo Domingo and Punta Cana, and the trillion million pesos in assets, being the only financial entity in the country to obtain such a significant result.

The activity was headed by the general administrator of Banreservas, Samuel Pereyra, and the president of the Volunteering, Noelia García de Pereyra, who were also accompanied by the administrative deputy administrator, José Manuel Almonte, members of the Council of directors and business executives of the financial institution.

The meeting took place at the Larimar restaurant, in the Altri Tempi Tower, where a special atmosphere of Christmas.

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