Banreservas establishes new representative office in Miami

MIAMI.- The Reserve Bank reached an important milestone on Monday with the inauguration of a representative office in Miami, Florida. This expansion of services to the Dominican community living abroad marks the third establishment of its kind, joining existing offices in Madrid and New York.

The opening ceremony was led by Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, who highlighted the value of having an accredited institution like the Reserve Bank to support Dominican and foreign investors interested in the country’s favorable business environment.

Expressing the growing internationalization of Banreservas, the bank’s general administrator, Samuel Pereyra, emphasized the financial importance of Madrid, New York, and now Miami, as they serve as centers of capital, investment, and global business, with the Dominican Republic positioned at the center of these opportunities.

The bank aims to build bridges for the country’s development and provide access to its services for the hundreds of thousands of Dominicans living abroad, regardless of their location. This is why representative offices have been established in strategic locations like Miami and New York, where the majority of Dominicans in the United States reside.

The new Miami office is conveniently located next to the Dominican Consulate at 1101 Brickell Avenue, Suite N-1402, Miami, Florida 33131.

The services offered at the Miami branch include savings account opening, mortgage loans, remittance advice, online banking assistance, and account certification.

Samuel Pereyra expressed confidence that this new office, along with those in New York and Madrid, will become invaluable assets in promoting Dominican values and positioning the country on the global stage. He reiterated the bank’s objective of not only growing as a financial institution but also contributing to the wellbeing of clients and the entire Dominican population.

Pereyra extended his gratitude to President Luis Abinader, the Board of Directors, executives, employees, and the Dominican people and clients who have contributed to making Banreservas the largest bank in the Caribbean and one of the most profitable worldwide.

The opening ceremony was attended by notable figures, including Noelia García de Pereyra, President of the Banreservas Volunteers; Geanilda Vásquez, Consul General in Miami; Francisco Holis Matos, Consul General in Orlando; Jaime Lacadena, Consul General of Spain in Miami; and Banreservas sub-administrators José Manuel Almonte and Francisco Elías.

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