Billionaire Carlos Slim Proposes a Work Week of Three 12-Hour Days and Retirement at 75

PUNTA CANA. The proposal of Mexican magnate Carlos Slim, who was in favor of working hours being 12 hours a day and three times a week and that retirement be at 75 years of age, has disappointed many.

Slim presented the implementation of a twelve-hour work day, three days a week, and the delay of retirement until age 75, to accommodate more workers in the labor market.

Carlos Slim was in Avilés, participating in the XXVIII Plenary Meeting of the Círculo Montevideo Foundation, of which he is a member.

The magnate believes that due to people living longer, retirement should be at 75 years, as the resources of the State often fall short in countries with social, pension, and retirement policies that have high retirement liabilities.

Slim emphasized the need to integrate the entire population into the economic and labor system.

The Mexican businessman also stressed the importance of fighting poverty.

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