Border Incident Deemed a Provocation by Government

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Government has described the recent incident involving a group of Haitians who entered Dominican territory near the border as a provocation. These individuals attempted to obstruct an Army patrol in the border area and Dominican officials have condemned their actions. Spokesman Homero Figueroa warned that incidents of this type could lead to conflicts with unforeseeable consequences, further straining relations between both countries. The Dominican Government has demanded that the authorities immediately cease these violations.

The area in question is claimed by Haitians who claim that properties adjacent to the Dominican border wall belong to Haiti. Dominican Army soldiers guarding the Dominican side remained vigilant with rifles in hand during the incident, while Air Force helicopters flew over the area. Members of the Haitian Police also observed the situation.

The Dominican Government clarified that the area in question belongs to the Dominican Republic, specifically between the perimeter fence and Pyramid 13, which marks the border limit in that area. As a preventive measure to ensure security, the Army has increased the number of soldiers and patrol vehicles in the region.

The border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti has been closed since September due to the construction of a canal on the Dajabón-Masacre River. The Dominican Government has denounced to the United Nations the violation of agreements by Haiti, but the Haitian authorities have set certain conditions to reopen the border, including the withdrawal of a biometric data system in the plaza and other requirements related to visas and taxes.

These issues are being discussed during negotiations between both countries, and local authorities in Dajabón believe that these issues should be handled at the diplomatic level through the Foreign Ministry.

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