Cabeza de Toro Tourist and Fishing Dock Inaugurated by President Luis Abinader

Bull Head.- President Luis Abinader inaugurated the Cabeza de Toro tourist and fishing dock, together with the executive director of the Dominican Port Authority (Apordom), Jean Luis Rodríguez, which will benefit around 30,000 fishermen formally registered at the national level and will improve living conditions and labor of the community members of the area.

During the ribbon cutting, which took place at the also inaugurated Nautical Club, the head of state highlighted the importance of small investments, as in the case of the work, which will help improve sport fishing, as it is located next to of the newly inaugurated fishing pier.

“This is the balance that we have in our Government for the fishermen in the area who did not have a position for them, and that combination is what really makes a great destination in this sector of Punta Cana and in the country,” added the President.

While the director Apordom highlighted that the solution in Cabeza de Toro, one year after its first launch, is already a reality, a reason for satisfaction to provide the people with a structure as they deserve, a community with tourism and fishing potential, important for the entire province of La Altagracia.

“Today, with the tireless support of President Luis Abinader, we deliver for our fishermen, who live off what they bring in on their fishing days, and who made a necessary claim to dignify this work, as well as the locals and visitors, who They come and go on catamarans to enjoy the landscapes of our coasts,” said Rodríguez.

He added that “the Cabeza de Toro dock that we delivered today is among the 14 that we plan to inaugurate in the country during 2023, of which we have already delivered 6 and this seventh is being added, as part of the second stage of the National Plan. Construction and Rehabilitation of Fishing, Tourist and Sports Docks”.

Rodríguez also highlighted the impact of the National Fishing Docks Plan, indicating that it has not been a simple task, from its conception, through each survey, to its construction, it has been an enormous effort and despite certain obstacles they remained firm because they knew that the goal was achievable and, above all, it would be worth it.

The work consists of 2 breakwaters, 4 walkways and a recreation gazebo with a total area of ​​203.65 m2, it also has a capacity for 5 larger draft vessels and 22 shallower draft vessels, simultaneously; It has a metal superstructure, a synthetic wood deck and 8-inch piles filled with concrete, with a compression resistance of 350 kg/cm2.

The Cabeza de Toro fishing dock has the objective of improving the living and working conditions of the community members of the Eastern area; generate more jobs, investments and well-being for those who make fishing their first source of foreign currency.

Among the advantages of its construction are that its visitors will be able to walk on the construction to appreciate the natural beauty of the beach waters, which will attract the attention of tourists to get to know the work, according to a statement.

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