Cana Rock provided updates on different projects in Punta Cana

The developer group Cana Rock Group held the first edition of the event Experience Brokers Tour 2024. More than 50 advisors from different real estate agencies met in Punta Cana to see the progress of Cana Rock projects, work updates, and news.

Apartamentps en construccionOsvaldo Bello, Evagrio Sánchez Campos, and Marina Sanchez, owners of Cana Bay, along with Eduardo Sister (vice president of Cana Rock) and Juan Carlos Peralta (commercial director) led the event.

The executives shared real-time updates on projects, materials used, completion progress, and model apartment comparisons with clients. Osvaldo Bello, a business partner of the group and director of Bello Valdez Enterprice, emphasized the importance of transparency in communication.

Cana Rock, known for projects like Cana Rock Condos and Cana Rock Star, is also working on Galaxy Condos, Universe, Cana Rock Space, Terra, and Cosmo Stellar in the eastern area.

The event was attended by top real estate companies like Blueland, Echenique y Asociados, REMAX Metropolitana, Tu Casa RD, and more.

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