Cap Cana Aims to Increase Real Estate Tourism

Punta Cana.- Cap Cana, located in the province of La Altagracia, Punta Cana, is a private and exclusive urban development. It flourishes thanks to the rise of its hotel and real estate sector, driven by tourism and local support. The overall ambition is to transform Cap Cana into a leading Caribbean metropolis.

The development of the city is driven by real estate tourism, which is experiencing significant growth, according to Fernando Hazoury, president of the Board of Directors of Cap Cana. In dialogue with the director of Listín Diario, Miguel Franjul, Hazoury highlighted the importance of balancing the focus on both real estate and hotel tourism, considering the already established importance of the latter.

Cap Cana, as a destination, aims to offer a calm, safe, and well-organized environment with all the expected amenities. Currently, the city has 4,719 real estate units, 2,876 hotel rooms, and 5,436 additional units under construction. Hazoury also highlighted the need for a comprehensive plan to mitigate environmental challenges that affect buildings more than anticipated.

Recognizing human error and environmental impacts, Hazoury envisions a future for Cap Cana with advanced infrastructure such as tunnels, organized urban planning, and a strong commitment to environmental and ecological standards. Investment in real estate tourism poses economic challenges due to delayed returns, but Hazoury sees it as a necessary step for growth.

Founded entirely by Dominicans, Cap Cana is distinguished by its white sand beaches, palm trees, and turquoise waters. The city is self-sufficient and manages its water resources responsibly. Hazoury draws parallels between the Dominican Republic’s potential growth and Spain’s economic transformation through tourism and environmental management.

It foresees a significant increase in tourism in the Dominican Republic, mirroring the trajectory of Spain. Focusing on tourism diversification, particularly through the real estate sector, is seen as a catalyst for national economic prosperity. Cap Cana itself represents a substantial investment, with $1.5 billion in infrastructure and a vast land area, offering significant employment opportunities.

Hazoury praises Cap Cana’s operational team, predominantly made up of young professionals, for its effective management, reflecting his confidence in the city’s future and the country’s tourism potential.

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