Catalonia’s Remarkable Dedication to the Dominican Republic: Over US$400 Million Invested in 25 Years

Punta Cana.- Catalonia Hotels & Resorts celebrated 25 years of operations in the Dominican Republic, after jumping to the Caribbean with the first opening of its hotel in the country in 1998 in the area of ​​Bávaro, Punta Cana.

When recalling its history, Manuel Vallet, CEO of the hotel chain, said that during its growth journey in the country, the Spanish hotel company has allocated approximately 400 million dollars.

«A fundamental part of our business vision is continuous investment in our establishments: in these 25 years we have allocated approximately 400 million dollars between initial investments, purchases and continuous renovations of our establishments. This constant investment demonstrates our commitment to excellence and commitment to quality in the DR,” he reiterated.

He stated that in the 25 years of operations they have achieved notable growth since the first hotel in Punta Cana and currently have two resorts in Playa Bávaro, two in Bayahíbe and the Catalonia Santo Domingo, providing almost 2,000 rooms.

«As a family business we have the vision of permanence in each destination where we operate and the Dominican Republic for us is not a destination, it is our second home. Here we have not only found business opportunities, but also friends and loved ones. In fact, I have lived in the country for 6 years. Today I am excited to share our experiences in these 25 years, we celebrate the past, present and future with a current vision for the next prosperous years of Catalonia Hotels & Resorts in the Dominican Republic,” he emphasized.

The manager also said that the hotel chain is committed to offering an excellent quality-price ratio, in order to attract demanding visitors to the Caribbean country, while highlighting the firm commitment to sustainability, such as in the physical environment and in the support to collaborators and family.

«The Dominican Republic is a jewel, it is a natural paradise that has welcomed us and has been the scene of great moments for our company. Its virtues and wonders, dream beaches, its culture and above all its wonderful people have been the source of inspiration for all of us,” Ballet reiterated.

He added that “we are proud to be able to combine experiences where every detail is designed to exceed expectations. “We are proud to contribute to the country’s tourism and show the world the beauties of this country; together we have achieved a legacy and strong growth.”

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