CEPM Launches the “We All Have Pink Left” Campaign to Promote Breast Cancer Prevention

La Altagracia, RD.– In support of the Month of the Fight against Breast Cancer, the Punta Cana-Macao Energy Consortium (CEPM) is carrying out a series of activities dedicated to the prevention of this disease under its annual campaign “We All Have Pink Left.” Aware that cancer should not be faced alone, CEPM seeks to unite the community in the fight against this disease that affects so many lives in the Dominican Republic and around the world.

Within the framework of this initiative, CEPM has developed a series of talks throughout the month of October entitled “Resilience: Emotions and Cancer”, with facilitator Ruth Esther Marte, clinical psychologist, in an effort to strengthen resilience and emotional support. Additionally, the CEPM team, together with Meraris Vargas, Superintendent of Social Management at this company, designed a workshop related to emotional tools through plants, providing the community with valuable tools to face emotional challenges in the context of cancer.

“Cancer is not a battle that should be faced alone. ‘We All Have Pink’ refers to the fact that all people are connected by the experience of fighting this disease; whether as patients, survivors, family, friends or as part of the community. This phrase inspires us to join forces, share experiences and knowledge, and promote an environment of understanding and support,” said Helena Sáenz, Senior Manager of Communications and Shared Value at CEPM.

This year, the initiative started in the community of Los Manantiales, generating a positive impact on more than 30 families, and with the participation of the teaching staff of the local school. Then, it expanded to Mano Juan on Saona Island, and ended successfully in the community of Friusa.

In this sense, the company has held talks on mental health and breast cancer prevention aimed at its employees and the communities in its concession area, benefiting more than 300 men and women, including cases of families with a history of cancer. of breast.

“We All Have Pink” is one of the initiatives through which CEPM reaffirms its commitment to the health and well-being of the community, and continues to work actively to raise awareness about the importance of prevention and support in the fight. Against the breast cancer.

About CEPM

The Punta Cana–Macao Energy Consortium, SA (CEPM) is a generating, distributing and marketing company of electrical energy, with 30 years of history, which currently has more than 330 MW of installed capacity with which it supplies energy through from 1,600 km of high, medium and low voltage networks, to more than 65% of the national hotel supply divided into nearly 55,000 hotel rooms and more than 55,000 residential clients and MSMEs, acting as a fundamental driver of tourism development in the area. CEPM has been a pioneer in the implementation of advanced technology in energy management, being one of the first in the region to adopt a smart grid since 2014, and setting a standard in the modernization of the sector.

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