CONACOOP Holds 10th Financial Convention, Reaffirms Cooperatives’ Values and Effective Management

PUNTA CANA.- At the inauguration of the
Eufracia Gómez Morillo, president of CONACOOP, when giving the official opening speech, said: “Cooperative companies meet all the requirements of good business practices, with a sense of ethics and transparency, operations cannot be carried out that do not guarantee that performance. and good use of human resources.”

Gómez Morillo made it clear that the objective of the sector is to support, promote and finance, with resources and social programs, the sectors that need it most, with adherence to management ethics, also having an impact on the communities.

The president of CONACOOP, convener of the two financial events in Punta Cana, argued that “Cooperatives are, should be and always have to be, an example of good practices and they know never to make individual commitments.

He said that the X Financial Convention, considered the main training event, reflects the convening power to receive more than 200 delegates and official delegates.

He argued that the unity of cooperativism serves to form a strength and a crossroads of experiences that results in better financial operations, better exchange between cooperatives.

“Cooperatives not only play an important role in the production of goods and services and contribute to food security, research programs for new food products, cooperative education must be focused on benefiting members by consuming products from other cooperatives.”

The two financial conferences take place until Sunday, October 15 at the Meliá Caribe Hotel in Punta Cana, whose participants will receive eleven exhibitors and speakers who will speak on the topic “Finance and Business for Cooperative Sustainability.”

Ms. Gómez Morillo thanked the National Insurance Cooperative (COOPSEGUROS), main sponsor of the 10th Financial Convention, in the person of its president, Mr. Manuel Gutiérrez, and also recognized cooperative and private sector companies that have joined the co-sponsorship of the two conventions.

An international representation from eight Central American and Caribbean countries attends the activities, it is “Finance and Business for Cooperative Sustainability”, headed by the Chorotega Cooperative, also a co-sponsor of the training events. Gómez Morillo expressed his desire that professional activity contributes to the understanding and unity of cooperatives that have a positive social and economic impact on communities.

“The cooperative sector is working to effectively transform the lives of the most marginalized sectors, with effectiveness in our actions.” she added.

Special guests

At the main table were the president—administrator of the Cooperative Development and Credit Institute (IDECOOP), Mr. Franco de los Santos; Enmanuel Quiñones, vice president of CONACOOP, Carlos Montero, president of the Confederation of Cooperatives of Central America and the Caribbean (CCC-CA), Yudeka Báez, president of the Federation of Metropolitan Cooperatives (FEDOCOOP).

Mr. Franco de los Santos indicated that cooperativism is experiencing a stellar moment due to the development of the sector, the incorporation of new companies in the sector and the ratification of the principles and values.

Dr. Miguel Polanco Wessin, advisor to the Executive Branch on Cooperativism, presented the greeting of President Luis Abinader and expressed the hope that these financial events contribute to improving technical and professional preparation. The administrative president of IDECOOP.

De los Santos maintained in his speech that the current time is a moment of boom and advancement of cooperativism that is moving towards the best of the future.

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