Conference on Compliance with Standards and Quality of Imported Construction Rods to the DR Offered by Kinnox

Punta Cana.- Kinnox, a leader in the distribution of high-quality construction materials, held an important meeting in Punta Cana with its key allies to socialize the national and international regulations and quality controls that govern construction rods imported from Costa Rica to the Dominican Republic.

The event, held at the Four Points By Sheraton Puntacana Village, was attended by construction companies from the Eastern area, engineers, architects and developers, as well as industry experts and professionals committed to the sustainable and safe development of construction projects in the country.

The meeting became the ideal setting to address a detailed discussion about compliance with national and international regulations and certifications. In particular, the RTD 458 Quality regulation, which imposes strict controls on the import of steel bars and related products, was discussed in depth.

The commercial manager of Kinnox, Junior López, highlighted the vital importance of compliance with this standard in the local construction sector, emphasizing its relevance to guarantee safety and quality in buildings.

«This event is presented as a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge, experiences and best practices within the construction industry. In addition, it promotes the construction of solid relationships with our allies, thus contributing to further raising quality and safety in the sector,” commented the executive.

During the activity, a talk was offered entitled “Regulations, Quality and Innovation in Steel for Concrete Reinforcement”, directed by the electromechanical engineer Carlos Berrocal Jiménez, who is part of the Technological Institute of Costa Rica.

During the talk, this ArcelorMittal long steel expert for the Central America and Caribbean region shared his knowledge, experiences and detailed best practices in the construction industry.

Also present at the meeting were Daniel Escobar, administrative and financial manager of Kinnox, and María Del Risco, sales and marketing superintendent of the company, Roberto Montes from Eskalia Investments and more than 25 invited construction companies who were sharing at the event.

About Kinnox:

Kinnox is a Colombian capital company specialized in the industrialization and marketing of steel products. It is part of the prestigious ACESCO family of investment companies, and stands out in the export of a diversified range of 18 high value-added products to destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean, with Haiti being our main export market due to the growing demand for supplements for the construction sector.

Kinnox currently employs a workforce of 249 direct employees and additionally supports 600 indirect employees. 80% of its collaborators are local residents of Los Alcarrizos and Pedro Brand, which demonstrates our commitment to the development of the surrounding communities.

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