David Collado backs pre-checking of passengers at Punta Cana airport to streamline travel time

Punta Cana.- The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, said that one of the pending issues of his administration is the prior authorization program (Preclearance) of United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) with which the Dominican Republic would continue to advance in tourism matters.

He expressed that he supports immigration inspection at the Punta Cana International Airport so that passengers traveling from the terminal save time with the CBP inspection, which will not be required when they arrive in the United States.

For his part, the founder of the Puntacana Group, Frank Rainieri, is confident that the Preclearance program will be approved next year, after the elections in the country are over and calm returns to the political sectors.

“You know what the interests are in our country and there have been some interests that have opposed it, for reasons that are not relevant,” he said.

“I believe that only those who are not interested in the country, but rather in their personal interests, can oppose it,” he added, highlighting that they are prepared to work with the process that comes with having a prior review.

He explained that, “the important thing is that everyone, regardless of the political party, is aware that preclearance is the only thing that can add a million more passengers to the DR as a tourist destination.”

He understands that the entry of one million tourists would generate thousands of jobs and millions of dollars, but with the review the country could reach 15 million visitors, that is, five million more than projected for this year. “There can be no particular interests, of anyone, that are above the general interest,” he asserted.

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