Dominican government issues strong diplomatic note to Haiti following border incident

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Government has issued a stern diplomatic note to Haiti following an incident on the northern border where Haitian police entered Dominican territory to disperse a commercial exchange between merchants from both nations. Dominican Foreign Minister Roberto Álvarez expressed his strong disapproval of the situation, emphasizing that it was “unacceptable.”

Álvarez acknowledged the difficulties the Haitian Government faces in controlling its territory, but he made it clear that such actions were unacceptable and he hoped they would not be repeated. Senior military officials in the Dominican Republic confirmed the incident, and President Luis Abinader called it a “provocation.”

During the altercation, Haitian police officers, or individuals dressed in Haitian Border Police uniforms, disrupted the informal market between Dominican and Haitian merchants. The situation was resolved after the intervention of the Dominican Army.

Relations between the Dominican Republic and Haiti have been tense, particularly around the construction of a canal near the Dajabón or Masacre River, which has sparked disputes and led to border closures. Both countries have sought mediation from the Organization of American States (OAS) to address the canal issue.

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