Dominican Government’s Ultimatum Met with Silence from Haitian Authorities

Santo Domingo.- The Haitian government has not commented on the Dominican Republic’s decision to close the border and suspend visas for Haitians if the conflict over the construction of a canal on the Dajab├│n River is not resolved by Thursday. Dominicans from various sectors have shared their opinions on this measure, but the Haitian government has not provided an official response.

Former Haitian Consul General Edwin Paraison acknowledged the Dominican Republic’s valid concerns regarding technical issues with the canal project, but he believes that clarification is needed on whether they oppose the project itself.

Former Haitian Prime Minister Jean Max Bellerive held the Haitian government responsible for the conflicts with the Dominican Republic, stating that the lack of authority and control in the country is the root cause of the problems.

President Luis Abinader clarified that the canal is a private project involving business and political groups interested in providing water to their farms. He did not disclose specific names but ordered their entry into the Dominican Republic to be prohibited.

The situation remains unresolved, and the Dominican Republic is awaiting a response from the Haitian government.

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