Dominican Republic earns half a billion dollars from cigarette exports in first half of 2023

The country has exported 22,028.73 metric tons (MT) worth $507.8 billion.SHUTTERSTOCK

In six months (January-June) of 2023, cigarettes have become the agricultural product that has generated the most export income for the Dominican Republic.

According to data from the Vice Ministry of Agricultural Sector Planning of the Ministry of Agriculture, the country has exported 22,028.73 metric tons (MT) worth US$ 507.8 million.

However, in a similar period in 2022, thoroughbreds registered US$511.4 million, which represents an increase of US$4.5 million compared to this year’s collections. For this amount, the country exported 25,977.1 MT, according to the institution.

In the first semester, March was the month in which the DR sent the most metric tons to other countries: 4,325.81, for a value of 101.1 million dollars.

Meanwhile, April had the lowest exported volume, with 3,089.62 MT, equivalent to US$ 73.4 million.

During the same period, cigarette imports to the country reached US$22.1 million, with an income of 606.58 metric tons, according to data from the Ministry of Agriculture.

The amount collected is equivalent to a positive variation of US$ 3.3 million, compared to the first half of 2022, which registered US$ 19.8 million with the income of 541.59 MT. 64.99 less than in 2023.

According to the General Directorate of Customs (DGA), the quantities of imported cigarette packs in 10 months (January-October) of this year decreased by -4,090,962 units in the same period of 2022, presenting a relative variation of -8, eleven%.

Collections also fell by RD$-163.26 million, experiencing a relative variation of -5.88% compared to the exact date of 2022, according to data from the DGA.

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