Dominican Republic Hosts “Mastercard Day” Promoting Digitalization and Financial Inclusion Initiatives

Santo Domingo, RD.- The global technology company in the payments industry celebrated its first “Mastercard Day” in the Dominican Republic. The event brought together executives and representatives of the country’s main financial and technological institutions to discuss trends, challenges, and opportunities in the financial ecosystem, as well as highlight the initiatives and programs that Mastercard is implementing in the region to promote the construction of a digital economy. inclusive, safe and prosperous.

«Our Mastercard Day was an extraordinary opportunity to highlight our commitment to offering customers, partners, and allies innovative solutions that connect them to the digital economy and allow them to enjoy its benefits, including fast, secure, and convenient payment experiences. “Our goal is to promote a Dominican Republic beyond cash, where everyone can prosper,” commented Tomás Alonso, Country Manager for the Dominican Republic and Haiti at Mastercard.

The sessions were led by local and regional experts, who discussed:

  • The role that small and medium-sized companies play as engines of economic growth in Latin America;
  • The positive impact of public-private partnerships on financial inclusion;
  • The importance of developing targeted financial products to meet the needs of underserved sectors;
  • The need to develop and implement holistic and collaborative cybersecurity strategies in an increasingly digitalized world, and
  • The relevance of connecting users with unique experiences that allow them to live their passions and reach their full potential.

Ultimately, the relevance of promoting collaboration between financial institutions, Fintechs, merchants and governments was highlighted to trigger creative thinking, promote innovative solutions and design a future in which all Dominicans can enjoy the benefits of technology. All of this as part of Mastercard’s efforts to connect one billion people and 50 million small and medium-sized businesses to the digital economy globally by 2025.

Mastercard Day RD 2023
Eduardo Sánchez, Engels Taveras, Janet Banuchi, Tomás Alonso, William Dawson and Carlos Pared

Among the participating speakers were Tomás Alonso (Country Manager for the Dominican Republic and Haiti at Mastercard); Eduardo Sánchez (Senior Vice President, Cybersecurity and Intelligence, Mastercard Latin America and the Caribbean); William Dawson (Customer Solutions Center Leader, Mastercard Central America and the Caribbean); Engels Tavarez (Product Manager, Mastercard Central America and Caribbean); Janet Banuchi (Marketing Manager, Mastercard Central America and Dominican Republic), and Carlos Pared (Government Affairs Manager, Mastercard Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic).

About Mastercard (NYSE: MA)

Mastercard is a technology company in the global payments industry. Our mission is to connect and drive an inclusive digital economy that benefits everyone, everywhere, by making transactions secure, simple, smart and accessible. Using data and secured networks, partnerships, and passion, our innovations and solutions help individuals, financial institutions, governments, and businesses achieve their greatest potential. With connections across more than 210 countries and territories, we are building a sustainable world that opens up priceless possibilities for everyone.

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