Dominican Republic’s Above and Below Average Performance Compared to Latin American Countries

Santo Domingo—The Dominican Republic is more competitive in tourism than other countries, but faces the challenge of more equitably distributing the benefits derived from the growth of this sector.

Precarious results are observed in the distribution of tourist wealth and in the quality of essential public services. The Dominican Republic exhibits levels of competitiveness above the regional average in 5 economic sectors: agriculture, tourism, transportation and logistics, health and public administration.

This result is also observed in the transversal axes: labor market, gender, business climate and territory. According to the Sector Competitiveness Bulletin (BCS) 2023 of the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development.

These areas are characterized by requiring public policies that promote structural changes to improve their competitiveness, which are visible in the long term.

The report aims to evaluate the position of the Dominican Republic in terms of regional competitiveness in the different economic sectors, as well as in the transversal axes that affect the development and good performance of the Dominican economy.

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