DR Launches Initiative to Attract 10 Million Tourists

According to tourism reports, so far this year, 8,245,189 tourists have arrived in the country, a record number compared to last year.

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By Pedro Castro

President Luis Abinader and the Ministry of Tourism today started the campaign “Together we will achieve 10 million smiles” where the arrival of eight million 245 thousand 189 tourists to the country so far this year was reported.
The head of state said that today the countdown begins to which it was never thought that they would be able to reach 10 million tourists and that it will be fulfilled in Cabo Rojo, the month of December with the arrival of the first cruise ship.
The Minister of Tourism David Collado reported that in October 531,017 tourists entered the country.
He also reported that one million 690 thousand cruise passengers have entered the country so far this year.
President Abinader asked to continue doing what has been done until now with the great public-private alliance.
He said that the real celebration is the thousands of families who make a living from tourism.
“That means development, employment, quality of life for our people,” said the president.
Haydée Kuret de Rainieri, wife of Frank Rainieri, of the Punta Cana Group, was recognized for her work in tourism development.
When speaking at the activity, he said that through Punta Cana he learned to love tourism and that it is the second time he has received recognition, the first being from the Hotel and Restaurant Association.
President Abinader said that on December 18 they will open the Cabo Rojo tourist dock, and that finally that destination is beginning to sound like a Pedernales tourist destination.
He ensured that the cruises brought life and hope to that region.
The president said that he feels very hopeful and optimistic.
The launch began to the rhythm of the song “Dominicano Soy”, by Fernando Villalona and the presentation of the statistics for the month of October on tourist arrivals, by the Ministry of Tourism.
The Minister of Tourism said that the public and private alliance is what has allowed us to achieve the listed achievements because, above all, national interests have been put on the table.
Minister Collado, in his speech, said that he receives the support of President Abinader in every decision he makes with his work team.
The artists Eddy Herrera, Jandy Ventura, Fernando Villolona, ​​Pavel Núñez, Rafae Rosario, Milly Quezada, Maridalia Hernández, and Frank Ceara, among others, participate in the campaign to raise the pride of Dominicans.

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