Energy Regulators of Ibero-America and the Caribbean to Convene in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- In December, the Dominican Republic will host the 24th annual meeting of the Association of Energy Regulators of Ibero-America and the Caribbean (ARIAE).

The focus of this meeting will be on the regulatory path towards the energy transition within the region.

The Superintendency of Electricity, which serves as the Dominican regulatory authority, revealed in a statement this Wednesday that the meeting is scheduled to take place from December 11 to 15 in Punta Cana, located in the east of the country.

Parallel to the meeting, the first Business Forum organized by ARIAE will be held.

This forum will provide a platform for the industry to showcase energy production technologies and their integration into the electrical system.

The event will attract a diverse range of participants, including experts from the energy sector, representatives of international organizations linked to the topic and high-ranking government officials.

The annual meeting will feature a variety of activities such as panels, presentations, roundtables, and conferences.

The ARIAE annual meeting will not only explore best practices in energy regulation but will also delve into crucial topics such as renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, and security.

According to Andr├ęs Astacio, Superintendent of Electricity of the Dominican Republic, this event serves as “a valuable networking tool for the region.”

It facilitates the exchange of experiences, the exchange of knowledge, and the analysis of trends and possible challenges or threats in the energy sector.

This, in turn, empowers countries with credible sources of information to formulate more effective policies and plans related to the energy sector.

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