Expert warns that lack of control may impact Punta Cana

Doctor Francisco Alonso director del Instituto Universitario de Tráfico y Seguridad Vial de la

Safe and efficient transportation that provides accessibility from the outside and mobility at the destination is a critical component to facilitate the progress of a destination, and the absence of these conditions acts as a barrier to tourism development, and this could occur in Punta Cana.” if it is not already happening to us.”

The observation was made by Dr. Francisco Alonso, director of the University Institute of Traffic and Road Safety of the University of Valencia, who offered the conference “Mobility and Road Safety in the Dominican Tourism Sector: Situation and Opportunities”, who was a guest of the “ Frank Rainieri Master Chair of Tourism”, from the extension of the Universidad Central del Este in Punta Cana. The conference is sponsored by the university, the Puntacana Group and the University of Valencia.

Prior to the conference, the speaker held a day of observation in the region for several days and a round of meetings with authorities and leaders of the municipality of Higüey and the Municipal District of Verón-Punta Cana.

Analyzing the importance of transportation in the tourism sector, and relying on different research, Alonso stated that among the main factors that influence the choice of a travel destination, the most mentioned variable is the security it offers.

In evaluating the attractions, he explained, quality tourist infrastructure is especially considered, as well as the quality of transportation and the health care system.

The complexity of evaluating the attractions of a tourist destination, Alonzo pointed out, is concentrated in the result of a collection of commercial and non-commercial services, which include services at the airport, the characteristics of the transportation used to travel, the experience at the hotel, etc.

“All these elements influence the tourist’s experience, and the valuation of the tourist destination after their visit, to repeat or recommend it to others,” observed the speaker, and highlighted that in the analysis of social networks the security variable is identified as one of the things consulted prior to the trip, and one of the most sought-after elements is local transportation services once the destination has been reached.

Researcher Alonzo concluded that “safe and efficient transportation that provides accessibility from the outside and mobility at the destination is a critical consideration to facilitate progress, while an absence of these characteristics acts as a barrier to tourism development, which can prevent us from happen if it is not already happening to us.”


Alonso also spoke about the importance of domestic tourism, “because we also have to protect our citizens,” and the transportation of workers “because people must go to work to live and not to die, since the latter is the greatest absurdity.” .

He added that the problems related to the increase in the transportation of goods that tourism entails, creates inefficiency, generates loss of time and additional costs for transportation companies and users.

Not in vain, he said, good transportation infrastructure also attracts greater investment of all kinds, not only to the tourism sector, because companies tend to look for locations with efficient transportation infrastructure, since this reduces logistics costs and facilitates distribution. of products.

Good transportation infrastructure, Alonso noted, often becomes a boost to the development of related industries, such as construction and logistics, generating jobs and economic opportunities. “Therefore, significant investment in transportation infrastructure can catalyze economic growth by attracting investment from diverse businesses and stimulating development at the local and regional level.”

He assured that in regions with an important tourism industry, such as the Caribbean or Europe, investments in transportation infrastructure can translate into an increase in tourism, foreign investment and therefore the wealth of the countries, and job opportunities for its citizens.

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