FEDODIM Director: “Parties get millions but fail to provide leader training”

Santo Domingo, RD – Of the two thousand 400 million that political parties received for the current 2024 electoral process, they do not invest the required ten percent minimum for the training of their leaders, denounced the director of the Dominican Federation of Municipal Districts, Pedro Richardson, who called the mayors, directors and members of each district to defend their right to receive political training.

Richardson recalled that before political organizations trained and evoked the late professor Juan Bosch, who personally built a training school for the Dominican Liberation Party; and “their regulations had to be rigorously complied with”, I also quote, the Social Christian Reformist Party, Nicolas Almánzar, his training and education institute.

“These efforts were made by the political parties, but not today, said the president of FEDODIM, to point out that the organizations currently receive a state transfer for the 2023-2024 electoral process that for this year amounts to RD$2.4 billion pesos, of which the parties were only supposed to invest 10% in political training, that is, RD$238 million “and they don’t do it.”

“Yesterday there was no regulation, a legal requirement and they had financing, today they have it, which is why I draw attention, Fedodim, people meet, organize to defend their rights, the mayors, councilors, members, directors, which is its main priority is to win the elections, that is what worries it most, and in every scenario, the union has to offer its associates the tools they require.”

For this reason, I take this opportunity to announce that FEDODIM will hold 32 workshops starting in January in all provinces with the support of the Dominican Municipal League; and the celebration in November 2026 of the World Political Communication Summit.

Pedro Richardson, made the announcement within the framework of the opening of the II Congress of Political Communication and Marketing, organized by the Dominican Federation of Municipal Districts, FEDODIN, together with the Association of Political Consultants, Alacop, World Summit of Political Communication chaired by Nidia Paulino Valdez and Daniel Ivoskus.

“We believe that the legitimate aspirations of the candidates to be successful must be accompanied by rigorous and serious political work with real proposals before the electorate in order to capture the support of the citizens,” said Pedro Richardson, executive director of FEDODIM, in his central words. .

“This event is part of FEDODIM’s commitment to contribute to the development of the democratic institutions of the DR, in this case providing those who aspire to elective positions in the general elections of 2024, due training in the different areas of what which is the regulation of society, good governance and management of public services with levels of effectiveness, transparency and citizen participation.”

For her part, the president of Alacop, Nidia Paulino Valdez, reported that the entity she presides over has its only job to train politicians from all over Latin America, educate citizens in electoral campaigns, teach them to vote and elect their candidates.

During the event, Daniel Ivoskus, president of the World Summit of Political Communication, CP, received a scroll of recognition from the City Council of the Municipal District, Veron-Turistico Punta Cana, declaring him a “Distinguished Visitor” of that community, a gesture for which he appreciated.

The president of the Dominican Municipal League, Víctor de Aza, greeted the political training day, pointing out its importance in this electoral process; and Manuel Antonio Reinoso, mayor of Verón-Punta Cana, and other authorities present agreed on the need for education and training of the political class to achieve a greater strengthening of the Dominican political system and democracy itself.

The international conclave, which will last two days, has as speakers the renowned political consultants: Daniel Ivoskus, Luis Duque, Mario Rodríguez, Vania de Dios, Jorge Imhof, Argentina, Leonardo Aguilera, Patrick Valerio, RD, Clara Villareal, Alonso Cedeño, Tatiana Larrea, Jaime Gutiérrez, Colombia, Mayra Isabel Zetino and Xavier Domínguez, Spain, among others.

Victor de Aza, president of the Dominican Municipal League, reported that he has been working to reorient management with a strategic plan, three lines: transparency, for the exercise of compliance with regulations, offering quality services, and generating trust.

“In that order, we have proposed a policy of transformation, achieving several advances, a renewal of municipal authorities, in a society that is desirous of candidates trained based on ethical, innovative and visionary exercise that allows candidates to exercise power municipal power executing policies that generate well-being for the people; “we are going to continue betting on the formation of our authorities,” that leadership that society requires.”

During the opening three new works by political consultants were put into circulation: Votes are needed to win, authored by Nidia Paulino Valdez, Mario Edgardo Rodríguez, Lucia Bonetto; Crack Image by Clara Villareal from Mexico; Political Matrix, Daniel Ivoskus; “Say It Well or Keep Silent Forever”, by Xavier Domínguez.

photo caption: President of the Dominican Municipal League, LMD, Víctor D Aza; director of FEDODIM, Pedro Richardson; Nidia Paulino Valdez, president Alacop, Daniel Ivoskus, president of the World Political Communication Summit, Máximo Soriano, and Manolito Reynoso, mayor of Verón-Punta Cana during the inaugural Communication Congress event aimed at 250 municipal leaders.

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