Frank Rainieri guarantees rapid development in Miches with the addition of 10 hotels within two years.

miches.- The tourist development of Miches is going “from strength to strength”, so much so that Frank Rainieri, pioneer of tourist development in Punta Cana, indicated to .com that this destination could have 8 to 10 new hotels in operation in two years.

«I think Miches is doing very well; There are already two hotels in operation, there are two more under construction and two more will begin in January; In other words, Miches will be able to have 8 or 10 hotels in two more years,” he emphasized.

He recommended that with the hotels in operation and the new constructions, special care should be taken in the development of the area and not allow suburbanization.

«The hotel housing development is going to change what Miches is, but we must take care of the town, take care of it so that it does not become slums, so that what happened in Punta Cana does not happen. We must fix the road between El Seibo and Miches so that the dormitory city is El Seibo and the people of Hato Mayor, San Pedro… can live in El Seibo and work in Miches,” he expressed.

The founder of Grupo Puntacana reiterated that construction must be carried out in order and guided by the recommendations of the authorities.

«In Miches we must prevent slums from being created, crazy constructions should not be started, there should be territorial planning. That it has water… that is, all the essential things and we must accept the suggestions that ProMiches brings to the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) and the local authorities,” Rainieri pointed out.

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