Frank Rainieri is confident that the DR will attract 15 million visitors between 2025 and 2030.

Frank Rainieri...

Tourism businessman Frank Rainieri highlighted the achievement of the public and private sector, regarding the arrival of more than 10 million visitors, to the Dominican Republic in this year 2023.

When interviewed, he understands that it is necessary to take on new challenges and commit to the arrival of some 15 million visitors to the country in the coming years.

“I commit to the Minister of Tourism that, between 2025 and 2030, about 15 million visitors will arrive in the country, because we will have the capacity,” he said.

He maintained that the Punta Cana area has the capacity to receive 8 million tourists, which will represent greater economic income and development of the area.

He explained that 4.3 million tourists have been received at the Punta Cana airport alone, figures that grew by double digits.

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