Government removes suspension on flights to and from Haiti

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican government, through the Civil Aviation Board, has decided to resume passenger and cargo air operations between the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The decision was made during an extraordinary session and is effective immediately. President Luis Abinader confirmed this measure in an interview with LA Semanal con la Prensa.

The decision is outlined in resolution JAC 234-2023, signed by its president, Jos├ę Ernesto Marte Piantini. The purpose of this session was to review Resolution 191-2023, issued by the Civil Aviation Board on September 14, 2023, which addressed air operations involving Haiti.

The JAC received specific instructions from the President and the National Security Council of the Dominican Republic to provide greater flexibility in the measures imposed in September.

This decision is a significant step towards normalizing relations between the two countries, especially given the current crisis surrounding the construction of the Masacre River canal. The JAC has also instructed that this communication be sent to all institutions connected to the Dominican airport system, including various government departments and agencies.

Regarding the OAS commission mediating the dispute over the Masacre River diversion, President Abinader announced that if the mission does not begin on Monday, it will continue during the week in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The OAS delegation previously visited Santo Domingo and held meetings with the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Haiti did not receive the commission due to authorization problems related to flights from Santo Domingo.

The OAS representation returned to Washington and will compile a report after their visit to Haiti in order to find a mutually acceptable solution to the current dilemma between the two nations.

President Abinader reiterated the government’s position regarding Haiti’s request to reopen the border for trade. The registration of biometric data of Haitian citizens will not be rescinded, as it is vital for national and citizen security. The President addressed this issue in the National Palace, stressing that political matters should not escalate to such a level.

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