Haitians Embrace Risk in Envisioning the Masacre River Canal: “Progress or Perish”

Haiti.- Haitian farmers involved in the construction of the canal over the Masacre River are determined to continue the project, despite the measures announced by the Dominican authorities.

According to Jean Brévil Weston, coordinator of the Peasant Movement of the Maribaroux Plain, the organization promoting the project, the farmers are unwavering. He stated, “I don’t think anyone will stop us from continuing with the canal construction project. Our position is clear: canal or death. We are ready to be buried in the canal.”

Weston expressed satisfaction with the progress, noting that they are currently close to the river, about ten meters away.

He also denied any political involvement, emphasizing that the project is driven by the will and funding of the farmers and the population of Juana Méndez. Weston clarified that they do not have the support of the Haitian government, any political group, or external sources, except for Haitian citizens in Haiti and the diaspora.

These statements follow President Luis Abinader of the Dominican Republic’s order to completely close the border starting at 6:00 am the following Friday due to the ongoing dispute over the canal construction.

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