Haitians Successfully Cross Perimeter Fence to Enter the Dominican Republic

Haiti.- Despite initial hopes that the construction of a perimeter fence along the country’s northern border would limit activities such as the trafficking of undocumented Haitians and other illicit actions, criminals have managed to break the cyclonic mesh, allowing illegal entry to the Dominican Republic through the La Sal Sector in the province of Dajabón.

The construction in Dajabón has proven to be vulnerable. Undocumented immigrants fleeing their country of origin due to crises and insecurity are cutting the storm fence in other areas to enter the nation. This situation is concerning as the authorities are unaware of the identities of those crossing the border and the items they may be carrying.

In October 2022, President Luis Abinader announced that the fence would be built with iron bars instead of cyclone mesh for greater protection and durability. However, the construction company has continued to install the easily cut metal structure.

Rancher Juan Gómez has expressed concern over this situation, considering it dangerous and emphasizing the risks it entails. The uncertainty surrounding people crossing the border and the nature of illicit goods being transported into the Dominican Republic are pressing issues.

The first phase of the intelligent perimeter fence, which began construction on six fronts in five border provinces, has an investment of 1,750 million pesos. It will have an extension of 54 kilometers and be composed of reinforced concrete. Additionally, there will be 19 surveillance towers and 10 doors for patrol access.

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