How the Haitian authorities’ lack of legitimacy worsens the crisis with the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo. Former Prime Minister of Haiti, Jean Max Bellerive, has identified the lack of authority within the current Haitian government as the main reason behind the conflicts between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. He mentioned concerns regarding insecurity and the creation of a canal that diverts water from the Masacre River.

Bellerive stressed that since the passing of President Jovenel Moise, Haiti has been without a government authority capable of effectively representing and controlling the country’s territory and institutions. This absence of leadership has hindered the establishment of productive communication and cooperation between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

To address the mutual concerns, Bellerive proposed the formation of a working group that would facilitate dialogue between both nations. He believes that maintaining open communication could help avoid unnecessary conflicts between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Bellerive also emphasized the importance of international cooperation in tackling the issue of Haitian gangs, which have incited violence and prompted some Haitian citizens to flee their homeland. He suggested that these gangs have received support from businessmen and politicians, thereby contributing to the challenges faced by both countries.

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