Inadequate Provision of Water Supply and Sanitary Sewage System.

Punta Cana.- The Verón Punta Cana Municipal Tourist District is facing significant environmental problems. These problems mainly stem from the lack of a reliable supply of drinking water and the absence of a sanitary sewage system. Jochi Echavarría, director of the Environmental Management Unit (UGAM), highlighted these concerns, emphasizing the alarming frequency of environmental degradation that occurs every two minutes in this rapidly growing area.

Verón Punta Cana is a district characterized by constant expansion and development in the hotel sector, as well as the construction of condominiums and residential areas. Echavarría also pointed out the recurring problem of capturing protected or endangered marine species in this region, which has resulted in some cases reaching court.

Despite the challenges, UGAM is actively working to improve its response to environmental threats. However, Echavarría expressed frustration over the influence of political factors, which sometimes take precedence over the application of laws designed to protect the region’s environmental reserves.

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