Inauguration of Fishing and Tourist Dock in Cabeza de Toro, Punta Cana by President Abinader

Punta Cana, RD.- The President of the Republic, Luis Abinader Corona, along with the executive director of the Dominican Port Authority (APORDOM), Jean Luis Rodríguez, inaugurated the Cabeza de Toro fishing and tourist dock in Punta Cana, La Altagracia.

The event featured a central speech by Rodríguez, who highlighted the importance of this infrastructure for the community, being a tangible achievement after a year of work since the first palazzo.

Rodríguez highlighted that the pier will benefit more than 30,000 registered fishermen nationwide, fulfilling the necessary claim to dignify their work. This project is part of the National Plan for the Construction and Rehabilitation of Fishing, Tourist, and Sports Docks, and is the seventh of the 14 planned to open in the country in 2023.

The work consists of two breakwaters, four walkways, and a recreation gazebo with a total area of ​​203.65m². It can simultaneously accommodate 5 vessels with a greater draft and 22 with a shallower draft. In addition, it has a metal superstructure, a synthetic wood platform, and 8” piles filled with concrete.

The dock seeks to improve the living and working conditions of the inhabitants of the Eastern region, generating jobs, investments, and well-being. Visitors can walk on the construction to appreciate the natural beauty of the beach waters.

The inauguration was attended by various authorities, including the president of the Board of Directors of the Port Authority, the rear admiral director of the Specialized Port Security Corps, the minister of Housing and Buildings, the minister of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs, the senator of La Altagracia, the governor of La Altagracia, the executive director of the Dominican Council of Fisheries and Aquaculture, and the District Director of Verón-Punta Cana, among others.

In summary, the new dock not only benefits the fishing community but also boosts tourism and the local economy, being part of a broader plan to develop port infrastructure in the Dominican Republic.

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