Introducing Hotel-Friendly Adhesive Vinyl Floors: Easy to Maintain and Install

PUNTA CANA, La Altagracia. – The Gerflor brand presented innovations in interior finishing materials for hotels and restaurants, introducing new pavements or vinyl floors, products of French origin, sponsored by Antonio P. Haché & Co.

The presentation was made by Salvador Vigo, representative of Clunia-Gerflor, during a conference at the XXXV Trade Fair of the Hotel and Tourism Association of the Dominican Republic (Asonahores), held from September 6 to 8 at Blue Mall Punta Cana.

Within the wide range of products and services for the hotel industry presented at the fair, Gerflor vinyl floors were “a novelty because they provide efficient installation, care for the environment, are easy to maintain and have high durability,” said Vigo.

He explained that Gerflor floors are waterproof, placed without any type of adhesive on the existing floor, “regardless of whether it is ceramic or a new construction. And it can be placed in bathrooms and in a continuation design for a hotel room with a bathroom.”

Among the new features for 2023, Vigo presented the Taralay Impression Hop model, specially designed for high-traffic spaces such as hotels and restaurants, and “the extraordinary product that adheres to the wall called Mural Revela, which I assure you it is durable, waterproof and sustainable.”

This Taralay Impression Hop floor model – he explained – can be dismantled and reinstalled “without the product or the base suffering any damage, in addition, it comes with the acoustic characteristics required in hotel rooms and hallways.”

Within the wide range of Gerflor vinyl products, products were also presented, such as Creation in its Solid Clic and Connect versions, with versatile colors and styles, without adhesive, which facilitates the installation and maintenance process.

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