Jodie Foster and Annette Bening share their filming experiences on “Nyad” in the Dominican Republic

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Santo Domingo.- Annette Bening and Jodie Foster shared their experiences filming the Netflix movie “Nyad” in the Dominican Republic.

Bening, playing legendary swimmer Diana Nyad, expressed her fondness for Juan Dolio and Santo Domingo, where most of the filming took place. She particularly fell in love with Larimar, a stone native to the Dominican Republic, and brought several pieces as gifts for her friends.

Foster, playing Bonnie Stoll, Nyad’s close friend, highlighted the importance of having a diverse Spanish-speaking team from various countries.

She also shared the lively weekends they experienced during filming, with crew members enjoying the local culture and cuisine.

Bening spoke about the challenge of playing Diana Nyad, focusing on capturing the duality of Nyad’s character: her strength and vulnerability.

She emphasized the importance of her on-screen relationship with Foster’s character, Bonnie, and how their off-screen friendship enriched her performances.

Foster shared her admiration for both Nyad and Stoll, highlighting the power and importance of portraying mature, complex women and their deep, enduring friendship.

She reflected on her interactions with her real-life counterparts, describing them as fascinating and eccentric individuals. Foster believes the film captures the essence of a meaningful and impactful relationship in one’s life, as portrayed through the characters of Bonnie and Diana.

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