LATAM Airlines Ecuador Recognized as a Socially Responsible Company

Quito. -LATAM Airlines adds one more award on its path to sustainability in Ecuador with the receipt of the ESR® Distinction – Socially Responsible Company, which in its third edition, is awarded by the Ecuadorian Corporation for Social Responsibility & Sustainability, CERES.

“In the last year we have strengthened our initiatives in the circular economy, shared value and in response to climate change, particularly with actions focused on the protection and safeguarding of the Galapagos Islands. Thus we have facilitated not only the operation of our Solidarity Plane in health and environmental issues but also articulated efforts with key allies in the Enchanted Islands, such as the Galapagos Ecological Airport, Conservation International Ecuador and very recently, with the Autonomous Government of San Cristóbal ”says Mónica Fistrovic, CEO of LATAM Airlines Ecuador.

During the ceremony for the awarding of the Socially Responsible badge held last Thursday at the JW Marriott Hotel in the city of Quito, the company’s sustainability leaders received the award, a recognition offered to Ecuadorian companies with the aim of promoting sustainability from the corporate sector, through the incorporation of an ethical, transparent and environmentally responsible management model.

It is important to specify that LATAM Ecuador As well as the other companies that were recognized, they were evaluated in five areas of interest: management of corporate social responsibility, business ethics, quality of life in the company, relationship with the community; and care and preservation of the environment.

This is the first time that LATAM Airlines Ecuador receives the ESR® Distinction, giving greater emphasis to its continuous institutional improvement efforts but particularly strengthening its commitment to sustainability in the region and contributing assertively to the protection of the ecosystems of South America.

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