Major Renovations Underway at Popular Dominican Republic Resorts

As Punta Cana gains popularity among travelers this year, several major resorts in the sun-drenched destination are undergoing significant renovations. Although the city is renowned for its world-class hospitality, luxurious properties, and impeccable service, the resorts must undergo routine renovations to maintain extremely high standards as travel increases.

Last week, Grupo Piñero, one of the largest hotel chains operating in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean region, announced that several of its properties will be upgraded thanks to new renovations. As the Dominican Republic prepares for an unprecedented winter season, here’s the latest on resort renovations in this sunny destination.

Grupo Piñero Announces Tourism Renovations for its Properties in the Dominican Republic

Grupo Piñero is the latest hotel giant to reveal an ambitious renovation program targeting all of its major properties in the Dominican Republic. Estimated to cost more than $70 million, the renovations will improve existing facilities and add new ones to accommodate more guests.

According to Grupo Piñero, as the number of visitors to the Caribbean – and especially to the Dominican Republic – grows, travelers demand more services and unique experiences to make their stay more memorable. That is why Grupo Piñero has announced radical changes in its properties in the Dominican Republic, where it has already renovated some 600 rooms, including the Premium Junior Suite and Deluxe swim-up suites.

Bahía Príncipe Luxury Esmeralda is another top Punta Cana resort that will see its luxury amenities and fabulous service greatly enhanced thanks to the ongoing renovation. While the renovation will largely focus on improving the resort’s outdoor facilities and numerous indoor areas, the property’s culinary offerings are also getting a big boost. Once the extensive renovation program is complete, guests will be able to enjoy more dining options, including new Taino-influenced dishes.

As more travelers flock to enjoy Punta Cana’s vibrant cultural scene, Grupo Piñero wants to ensure that guests staying at one of its many properties have the opportunity to immerse themselves in local flavors and traditions.

The spectacular Bahía Grand Punta Cana belongs to Grupo Piñero’s Bavarian complex, consisting of a handful of luxurious all-inclusive hotels along the white sand shores of the Bávaro neighborhood. The luxurious 5-star property has already received several major upgrades and with several other upgrades underway, this luxury resort will be even better. This December, Grupo Piñero launches The Island, a new entertainment area available to all guests staying at the Bávaro Complex. The new facility will also include many shopping and dining options, as well as a new dedicated children’s area.

With an investment of more than $30 million, Bahia Principe Grand Bávaro will become one of the most modern and luxurious resorts in the Punta Cana region. The already excellent resort will receive major upgrades to its outdoor facilities, including its aging facades, which will be renovated to give the 5-star property a more modern and fresh look.

The luxurious 5-star resort has stunning views of the Caribbean Sea thanks to its privileged beachfront location. Property guests can enjoy some of the best amenities of any Bávaro resort, including 2 outdoor pools, 4 bars, and 3 international restaurants. Guests also have access to the exclusive Spa Bay, which features a series of relaxing and rejuvenating treatments for the mind and body.

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