Meeting Between the Governments of Haiti and the Dominican Republic to Discuss Border Tension

Santo Domingo.- The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Haiti, Jean-Victor Geneus, and of the Dominican Republic, Roberto Álvarez, entered into a dialogue to reduce tensions on the common border. This discussion comes after an increase in tension on the northern border. An incident occurred involving Haitians entering Dominican territory and Dominican soldiers patrolling the area near the border fence. Both countries have different perspectives on the incident. Haiti claims that Dominican soldiers violated Haitian territory, while the Dominican Republic claims it was responding to a Haitian incursion.

The conversation between the foreign ministers aims to calm tensions and prevent further escalation. They seek a solution in accordance with international law. The Haitian government reiterates its willingness to continue dialogue and negotiation with the Dominican side. They emphasize the need for calm and serenity.

Tensions between Haiti and the Dominican Republic have arisen due to the construction of a water intake canal on the Haitian side of a bordering river. This led to the Dominican government’s decision to close the border and suspend the issuance of visas to Haitians. Mediation efforts by the Organization of American States (OAS) are ongoing to address the crisis.

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