New Air Connection Established Between the Dominican Republic and Prague by the Civil Aviation Board’s Plenary Session

Jose Ernesto Marte Piantini JAC

The plenary session of the Civil Aviation Board (JAC) heard about the requests for new operations that will attract passengers from non-traditional destinations such as the Czech Republic to Dominican soil, as announced by Jos├ę Ernesto Marte Piantini, president of the JAC.

According to the information issued, in the seventeenth ordinary session of the plenary session, Marte Piantini said that, as a result of the air transport agreement signed between the Dominican Republic and the Czech Republic, in June of this year, the foreign operator WORLD 2 FLY requested a Special Permit to carry out flights on the Prague/Punta Cana/Prague route starting on the 1st. November of this year.

Aviacion acuerdo RD Republica Checa 3

Sign agreement with Czech Rep.

During the session, the president of the organization also informed the members of the plenary session that the Prague/Punta Cana/Prague route is not contained in any Operating Permit or Certificate of Economic Authorization.

Marte Piantini indicated that “actions to expand commercial aviation in the country are a reality, especially towards strategic European markets,” he said.

Likewise, the members of the plenary session learned of the request for operations under the Code Share modality between Air Europa and Turkish Airlines, to carry out flights on the Madrid/Santo Domingo/Madrid route, where Air Europa will be the effective operator and Turkish Airlines, the market operator. He said that these operations would be carried out from October 29, 2023.

The plenary session also heard about the request from Air Europa and Etihad Airways to fly on the Madrid/Santo Domingo/Madrid route, under the Code Share modality, where Air Europa will be the operator and Etihad, the market operator. He explained that these operations are also being carried out starting October 29, 2023.

Finally, Marte Piantini reported that from the Civil Aviation Board with the objective of expanding air transport services to and from Europe, based on the Code Share Agreement signed between Air Europa with Etihad Airways and Turkish Airlines, the organization has authorized a series of seasonal operations, to Air Europa and Etihad Airways, on the Madrid/Santo Domingo/Madrid route, on connecting flights from Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates, and between Air Europa and Turkish Airlines, on the route Madrid/Santo Domingo/Madrid, on connecting flights from Istanbul.

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