New Single ‘Punta Cana’ Released by Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony ushers in 2024 with the release of a new single and video, venturing into the captivating world of Bachata with “Punta Cana.”

In this musical exploration, Marc Anthony seamlessly blends traditional bachata elements with his distinctive style and enchanting voice, displaying a unique depth and appeal in the composition. The song, co-produced by Marc Anthony and Sergio George, brings together a talented team of writers, including Marc Anthony, Lenier Mesa, Carlos Humberto Domínguez, Roberto Carlos Sierra Casseres, José Carlos García, Edgardo Antonio Miranda Beiro and Andy Clay Cruz. .

“Punta Cana” lyrically delves into the realm of nostalgia and longing, deftly portraying the complexities of a past love and evoking a deep longing for the resurgence of a once beautiful romance.

Directed by award-winning visual creator Carlos Pérez of Elastic People, the music video features Marc Anthony’s new Bulova watch collection, adding an elegant touch to the viewing experience.

“Even though you look happy… I know you think of me. ‘Punta Cana’ available this Friday the 26th, my people! Marc Anthony wrote along with a fragment of the accompanying video clip on Instagram. The renowned salsa singer released the details on his social media platform, announcing in style the release of his latest music. However, one detail in particular caused a viral explosion on the Internet.

In this provocative material, Marc is seen sharing a kiss with a woman who is not his wife, the model Nadia Ferreira.

This latest single is a precursor to Marc Anthony’s upcoming album, which will be released in spring 2024 and promises a musical journey full of passion and emotion.

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