OAS recommends solutions for resolving the conflict between Dominican Republic and Haiti

Santo Domingo.- Luis Almagro, the secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS), suggested a meeting between the delegations of the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The purpose of the meeting would be to discuss the construction of a canal over the Dajabón River. He also proposed sending a technical mission to evaluate the project.

This proposal was made during an extraordinary session of the OAS Permanent Council. The Dominican Republic had requested this session to address the ongoing conflict between the two countries, which has led to the complete closure of the border for almost 30 days.

Almagro stressed the importance of finding a resolution that benefits both parties and upholds international law and treaties. He commended both governments for accepting the OAS proposal to facilitate a resolution.

Roberto Álvarez, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic, addressed the OAS and described the conflict caused by the illegal construction of the canal. This canal is intended to divert the flow of the Masacre River. Álvarez called Haiti’s attitude unacceptable and urged the OAS to act promptly. He requested the assistance of the Secretary General and experts from the OAS and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to resolve the issue. He also mentioned that the Dominican Republic has demonstrated a commitment to dialogue and diplomacy.

The Haitian delegation defended the construction of the canal during the OAS Permanent Council session. They stated that the works will continue and asked for a definitive solution that respects international legal aspects. Haiti argued that the Dominican side had previously undertaken unilateral construction activities on the Dajabón River without consulting Haiti. This dates back to the 1929 Peace Treaty between the two countries.

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