Optimizing Energy Consumption in Hotels: The Vital Role of Cybersecurity

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The company HoneyWell made it a priority to use cybersecurity in hotel applications, to monitor and optimize energy consumption, and contribute to Net Zero, approved by the United Nations (UN) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The topic was presented by Marcela Melo, sales representative of Honeywell HBT, who spoke about Sustainability and Cyber ​​security in Hotels: The new priorities by Honeywell, during the XXXV Trade Fair of the Hotel and Tourism Association of the Dominican Republic (Asonahores ), held from September 6 to 8 at Blue Mall Punta Cana.

The new ESG strategy is a secure and reliable cyber platform for remote work everywhere, which makes energy consumption more efficient, reduces carbon emissions, guarantees environmental sustainability, improves the operational profit of hotels, making them healthier for employees. guests and employees who are the center of the hotel’s ecosystem.

Melo explained that the hotels of the future will accommodate the next tourists who will be from a generation “that comes to enjoy with criteria of sustainable responsibility to take care of the planet and do responsible tourism.”

The new technology – he indicated – does not have to go back but is mounted on the energy and lighting systems that the hotels have installed, and they adapt them to monitor, with artificial intelligence, the operation of the lighting and air conditioning system of the hotels. and optimize energy consumption.

Melo assured that the system guarantees the health of guests because it controls temperature, humidity and air quality, analyzing spaces to manage air flow in rooms with intelligent lighting.

The expert said that the investment cost to install the new environmentally sustainable technology will depend on the size of the hotel, but she assured that with the system the energy savings will be approximately 30% annually in consumption.

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