Possible Total Border Closure Prompts Voluntary Return of Haitians to Their Homeland

Dajabón.- Many Haitian citizens have been crossing the Dominican-Haitian border gates in Dajabón to return to Haiti voluntarily. They are doing this because the Dominican government may soon close the border completely.

These Haitians are bringing bags, suitcases, and children with them as they choose to go back to Haiti for safety reasons. They are leaving between 9:00 in the morning and 4:00 in the afternoon.

One of the people leaving expressed support for the construction of the canal on the Masacre River. They said, “All Haitians agree with that because if we have food and things like they have here, we wouldn’t come here to cause trouble (Republic Dominican Republic).” The person also mentioned that there are rich Haitians who own multiple houses in the Dominican Republic, suggesting agreements between them and the Dominican government. They emphasized that poor Haitians don’t come to cause harm and asked for understanding and help in the difficult situation Haiti is facing.

As the deadline set by the Dominican authorities for the canal construction to stop approached, activities around the binational market became uneasy and calm.

On Tuesday, September 12, President Luis Abinader restated that if the Haitians working on the canal in the Dajabón or Masacre river don’t stop their illegal work, the border with Haiti will be closed completely.

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