President Abinader pledges over one billion pesos to support the Dominican poultry industry

Santo Domingo.- In a significant move to boost the Dominican Republic’s poultry industry, President Luis Abinader has announced the allocation of more than one billion pesos for various initiatives aimed at improving this vital sector.

This commitment was revealed during a meeting organized by the Dominican Association of Poultry Farmers (ADA) in Moca.

The president announced several key measures to support the poultry sector:

1. Cold Warehouse Project: 220 million pesos were assigned to the Dominican Association of Poultry Farmers for the installation of a cold warehouse.

This facility, with a capacity of 8 million pounds for processed chicken, will be established in Merca Santo Domingo.

2. Immediate Pledge Program Fund: A fund of 400 million pesos will be created for an Immediate Pledge program, which involves the distribution of 2 million units of chickens.

This program will be executed by the Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with the Agricultural Bank and ADA.

3. Support for Micro and Small Poultry Producers: The sum of 300 million pesos will be provided to help micro and small poultry producers.

This fund, which will be lent through cooperatives and associations at zero rate, aims to compensate for the capitalization of their companies.

4. **Debt Restoration and International Alliances**: The president also addressed the restoration of debt of egg producers with the Agricultural Bank and proposed forming alliances with the government of Guyana for the production of corn and soybeans.

President Abinader emphasized the importance of collaboration between producers, companies, workers, sector professionals and the government.

He expressed his desire to continue collaboration to ensure a productive sector that guarantees profitability for producers and food security for the Dominican people.

ADA officials expressed their gratitude to President Abinader for his quick response to the challenges posed by the border closure.

They assured that there will be an abundant supply of chicken and pork for Dominican families during the Christmas holidays.

Among the notable attendees at the event were President Luis Abinader; Limbert Cruz, Minister of Agriculture; Jos├ę Luis Polanco, president of ADA; and other key figures in government and the poultry industry.

The participation of these leaders underscores the government’s commitment to supporting and promoting the poultry sector in the Dominican Republic.

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